Methacrylated hyaluronic acid HAMA



HAMA is a hyaluronic acid mathacrylate. The precursor is non-animal sodium hyaluronate obtained by a biotechnological treatment/process (Streptococcus equi susp. zooepidemicus). Hyaluronic acid is an important building block in many tissues of living organisms. Apart from its building role, it also contributes to tissue hydrodynamics, cell movement and proliferation, and is involved in a number of interactions with receptors on the cell surface. The presence of methacrylate groups allows crosslinking of the material under UV/Vis light in the presence of a photoinitiator. HAMA can be advantageously used as a blend with other methacrylates. We use 1HNMR analysis to measure the degree of metacrylation.


    • Degree of substitution: 30-40%
    • Molecular size of sodium hyaluronate: 130-300kDa
    • Lyophilisate
    • Colour: shades of white
    • CofA (upon request)
    • Product specification (upon request)
    • Non-sterile product
    • For laboratory/research use only (RUO)
    • Lyophilisate storage: -20 °C
    • A substance that is sensitive to temperature, light and moisture.
    • Package: 100 mg
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