Our misson is to introduce 3D bioprinting of the bionic pancreas to clinical practice worldwide.

About us


POLBIONICA is a spin off from the Foundation of Research and Science Development, bringing to market the research developed in the BIONIC project. We are developing the first bionic pancreas suitable for transplantation, based on bioprinted 3D scaffolds, functional vessels and pancreatic islets. In the next step, it is planned to replace the pancreatic islets by stem cells transformed into alpha and beta cells.



POLBIONICA is bringing to market the key building blocks supporting the development of a bionic pancreas – a novel bioreactor, tailored bio-inks and 3D printing method

Diabetes  in numbers

422 million

people worldwide suffer from diabetes.The World Health Organization estimates that by 2040 their number will increase to 640 million.

3 Million

people in Poland struggle with diabetes. About 200,000 patients diagnosed with type I diabetes.

1,6 Million

people died of diabetes. 2.2 million patients died as a result of diabetes complications associated with too high blood glucose levels.

Our Team

Meet our multidisciplinary team formed by higly qualified and creative scientists.

Filip Fertner
Filip Fertner
Arkadiusz Leloch
Arkadiusz Leloch

Our innovation is protected by European Patent EP19461559, covering a comprehensive procedure for preparing bionic pancreas, starting from the preparation of the ECM, which is the basis of produced bio-carcasses (bio-ink A and B) to the entire organ with the vascular system.