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Our mission is to bring 3D printing of the bionic pancreas into clinical practice and improve the quality of life for diabetic patients worldwide.

POLBIONICA is a company established by the Foundation on Research and Development of Science to commercialise 3D bionic pancreas research. The bionic pancreas is an organ that will restore the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels. Using novel 3D bioprinting technologies, we created a fully functional organ from living cells. Its creation raises hopes for success in the fight against Type I diabetes. 

In 2020, Polbionica received THE SEAL OF EXCELLENCE IN HORIZON 2020 certificate delivered by the European Commission.

Polbionica is a member of the Key National Cluster Life Science Kraków.

The implementation of such an innovative research project of 3D bioprinting of the bionic pancreas, unique on a global scale, is possible thanks to the involvement of the most important medical and technical research institutions in Poland. Clinical implementation will be performed by a consortium consisting of the Foundation of Research and Science Development, MediSpace Medical Centre, Polbionica Sp. z o.o., the Centre for Advanced Technologies of the Adam Mickiewicz University and the Medical University of Warsaw, in cooperation with the University of Chicago and Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Assoc. Prof. Michał Wszoła MD, PhD

Polbionica CEO





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We print organs. This is not fiction. This is really happening!

Polbionica is engaged in the commercialisation of preclinical and clinical research results based on 3D bioprinting of the bionic pancreas.

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The positive results of our advanced R&D work, refined in-house production of biomaterials and their daily use made us gladly share our best experiences. 

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the offer and to purchase selected products and equipment of the TINTBIONICTM product line.

This is complemented by our unique offering of dedicated 3D bioprinting services.  The service proposal is a competent response to frequently raised customer questions.
TINTBIONICTM is a trademark owned by Polbionica.

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