About us

Polbionica is a biotech company that continues to research on the 3D bionic pancreas and thinks boldly about the future.

The application of the bionic pancreas in clinical practice will revolutionise the treatment of diabetes and become one of the greatest medical successes of the 21st century. Concerning the growing number of patients with type I diabetes and the limitations of available treatments, functional 3D bioprinting is a viable option to overcome the problem of organ shortage and will also reduce the number of complications associated with surgery and the use of long-term immunosuppression after transplantation.

In late 2020, we completed the preclinical phase of 3D bionic pancreas research; we are developing very promising results and we are also preparing for the clinical phase. While working on the 3D bionic pancreas bioprinting project, we created proprietary products crucial for the 3D bioprinting development. These include customised bio inks, a bioreactor, and innovative bioprinting methods.

Our values

Our Team

Assoc. Prof. Michał Wszoła MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Filip Fertner

Chief Financial Officer

Marta Klak PhD

Technology Development Chief

Arkadiusz Leloch

Chief Commercial Officer

Wiktor Witkowski

Commercial General Manager

Aleksandra Socha

Chief Marketing Officer

Jarosław Wróbel

Sales Manager

Polbionica is a multidisciplinary, challenge-ready team that includes physicians and medical consultants, biotechnologists, engineers, laboratory technicians, and experts for regulations, business creators and sales and marketing specialists. We trust each other and work together toward the goal of improving the lives of patients with diabetes. The Polbionica team currently consists of 15 people and will grow as the project grows to meet its goals.



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