AuRes automatic resuscitator

We support the healthcare system in the fight against coronavirus

Polbionica, in cooperation with Mudita®, has developed and patented an automatic resuscitator in less than six months. The project was funded by the own financial resources of the involved entities. The automatic resuscitator is an innovative, groundbreaking solution designed for rapid life-saving and patient health preservation.

The AuRes automatic resuscitator is a user-friendly device designed to deliver oxygen to the patient’s lungs and mechanically assist breathing functions. he ventilator has limited capability to monitor current respiratory function, and its operation is based on a single-use AMBU bag – a simple set for ventilation and respiratory resuscitation. The mechanism compresses the bag, delivering oxygen to the lungs. It allows for setting the volume of air delivered and the compression frequency. Additionally, due to its simplicity and compact size, the device can be installed in any ambulance and hospital ward, as it does not require specialized medical personnel for operation and can be used both stationary and during transport. The advantage of the AuRes automatic resuscitator is its lightweight housing, minimalist design, and battery sufficient for 2 hours of continuous operation.

The first prototype was created in April and has since undergone several iterations based on consultations with medical simulation centers, doctors, and specialists in respiratory ventilation. Leading companies producing industrial devices and automation have joined the project, allowing for the development of a device that is simple in design and reliable at the same time.


The project of the affordable, portable automatic resuscitator AuRes has won the main prize at the A’Design Award in the special category “War on Virus”.

The automatic resuscitator AuRes took first place and received the prestigious international Diamond Selection A’Design Award in the special category “War on Virus”. Among over 80 nominated projects in the “War on Virus” category, the device was the only Polish project to advance to the second stage of the competition and, through public voting, surpassed all competitors to receive this important award. The list of awarded projects can be viewed on the A’Design Award competition website.

A’Design Award & Competition is one of the world’s leading international design competitions held annually. A’Design Awards are granted in various creative fields to recognize the best designers from all countries and disciplines. Entries to the competition are reviewed and anonymously evaluated by an influential jury composed of experienced academic professionals, prominent members of the press, and recognized specialists.

The award presented in the special “War on Virus” category as part of the A’Design competition aims to promote original concepts, architecture, and industrial design that help combat the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Mudita® is a Polish technology company founded by Michał Kiciński, co-creator of CD Projekt. Mudita’s mission is to design consumer electronics that help promote balance and quality in people’s lives, prioritizing physical and mental health above all. The company’s name comes from the Buddhist term for joy that arises from the well-being of others. Mudita® employs research and development specialists, programmers, marketing experts, and engineers with extensive experience in the medical industry, both in production and certification of medical products.

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