Gelatin methacrylate GELMA 50



GELMA (gelatin methacrylate) is a versatile structural biomaterial used in 3D bioprinting. The precursor is the selected pharmaceutical pig gelatin with a hardness index of3000 Bl, sourced from a certified plant (PL). The presence of methacrylate groups allows crosslinking of the material under UV/Vis light in the presence of a photoinitiator. The degree of metacrylation of the material affects the mechanical properties. GELMA is a suitable base for formulations with other methacrylates. The degree of metacrylation was determined based on 1HNMR analysis.


  • Degree of substitution:50-60%
  • MW 15-250kDa
  • Lyophilisate
  • Colour: shades of white
  • CofA (upon request)
  • Product specification (upon request)
  • Non-sterile product
  • For laboratory/research use only (RUO).
  • Lyophilisate storage: 2-8°C
  • A substance that is sensitive to temperature, light and moisture.
  • Package: 2x500mg (1g)
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