Methacrylated chitosan CHIMA



CHIMA is a methacrylated derivative of chitosan. The precursor of CHIMA is chitosan, the second most common natural polysaccharide after cellulose, composed of a deacetylated part (beta-[1,4]- d-glucosamine) and an acetylated part (N-aceyl-d-glucosamine), obtained by partial deacetylation of chitin. It has been widely used in product design as a scaffold promoting cell adhesion. Metacrylation enables rapid, stable crosslinking of the material under UV/VIS light in the presence of a photoinitiator. CHIMA can be advantageously used as a blend with other methacrylates. We use 1HNMR analysis to measure the degree of metacrylation.



  • Degree of substitution: 70-85%
  • MW 190-375 kDa
  • Degree of chitosan deacetylation (DD) >75%
  • Lyophilisate
  • CofA (upon request)
  • Product specification (upon request)
  • Non-sterile product
  • For laboratory/research use only (RUO)
  • Lyophilisate storage: -20 °C
  • Package: 2x500mg (1g)
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