ClickTintbionic® GELCY

GELCY (the cinnamon derivative of gelatin), is a specially designed and synthesized compound in our laboratory, used in 3D printing. It is derived from carefully selected pharmaceutical-grade porcine gelatin with a Bloom hardness index of 300°, sourced from a certified facility (PL). Functionalizing the gelatin chain with cinnamic acid enables material cross-linking under UV-Vis light, without the need for a photoinitiator, thus ensuring minimal potential cytotoxicity. GELCY represents an innovative solution for advanced 3D printing applications, offering the precision and safety demanded by professionals. The degree of substitution was determined based on 1H NMR analysis.


  • Degree of substitution: 70-80%
  • MW: 15-250 kDa
  • Lyophilizate
  • Color: white
  • Certificate of Analysis (available upon request)
  • Product specification (available upon request)
  • Non-sterile product
  • For laboratory/research use only (RUO)
  • Storage of lyophilizate: -20°C
  • Substance sensitive to temperature, light, and moisture
  • Packaging: 1g