Our mission

Our mission is to introduce 3D bioprinting of the bionic pancreas to clinical practice worldwide

POLBIONICA is a Polish spin-off from the Foundation of Research and Science Development, which printed the world’s first prototype of a bionic pancreas in early 2019. This approach has the potential to provide long-term treatment options for the 500 milion patients suffering from diabetes worldwide. A bionic pancreas can replace the function of a dysfunctional pancreas, restoring the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels therefore improving the quality of life.

We will be the first company to bring to market a bio-artificial pancreas based on 3D bioprinting and stem cells.

Recent bioprinting advances, where living cells are precisely printed in a certain pattern, has shown great potential and promise for fabricating engineered living organs. Regenerative medicine holds the promise of engineering functional tissues or organs to heal or replace abnormal organs, offering hope for filling the gap between organ shortage and transplantation needs. 3D bioprinting is evolving into an unparalleled bio-manufacturing technology due to its high-integration potential for patient-specific designs, precise and rapid manufacturing capabilities with high resolution, and unprecedented versatility. It enables precise control over multiple compositions, spatial distributions, and architectural accuracy/complexity, therefore achieving effective recapitulation of microstructure, architecture,  mechanical properties, and biological functions of target tissues and organs.